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The Creator And Innovator Behind Rhea Beauty:

Dr. Sara Gamal
Skincare Expert And Clinical Pharmacist.

She started in 2017,
believing that committing time to something that matters will yield a meaningful and rewarding results,

which led the founder to go deeper in the quest to make the most efficacious, transformative products for the daily routine.

She mastered the art of knowing what skin needs, and what works. Her smart use of technology and her power formulations delivers a new kind of skincare that personalizes her client’s journey in skin wellbeing and skin quality.  

  • Why did you launch Rhea Beauty?

“With Rhea beauty , I wanted afford happiness for every women. I wanted to create the products that not only deliver results but are fundamental skin care steps in every skincare routine.”

  • What does skin need? 

From cosmeceuticals to beauty products, Rhea beauty brings products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. The innovative formulation recipes of Rhea beauty  are powerful enough to treat skin issues yet gentle enough to soothe and protect the skin, rather than causeirritation.