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Hyaluronic acid serum

The bundle contains serum with hyaluronic acid to  correct wrinkles, firmness, dark spots. Within a few weeks, proven anti-ageing effectiveness,  wrinkles and fine lines are faded, 84% of women feel their skin is smoother, 71% feel their skin is firmer. Dark spots appear corrected; 81% of women feel their complexion is more even. 

Keracell secret Retinol serum

 Day after day, skin is regenerated: it is smoother and firmer and appears denser. Your skin is fortified and illuminated: beautiful and bursting with life.
Dermaging cream 
This most effective  anti-aging replenishing rich cream with avocado and honey helps regenerate the skin, reshape facial contours and smooth away wrinkles. Skin appears younger: smooth. Its natural radiance is enhanced. This cream provides nourishment, suppleness and comfort.