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Winter kit- skin and hair care ( hyaluronic acid serum- dermaging - hair serum- hyaluronic acid for lips)

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New edition of hyaluronic acid for lips ( lip plumping serum)
Introducing Long-Term Lip Plumping Serum!

💋Plumping lip treatment.

💋Fuller-looking lips without lip injections.

💋Smoother & Softer lips

💋Vegan & Cruelty free.

💋 stimulate moisture retention specially in winter time


Why dermaging cream?

Full of probiotics, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes, honey is incredibly nourishing and the perfect aid in anti-aging since it helps plump and hydrate your skin, and prevent free-radical damage. It attracts and retains moisture, and rebuild the moisture level without making your skin oily. It will help you to get rid of all of your wrinkles and fine lines


-For all skin types

-Cruelty free and vegan

-Free of mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, parabens, artificial coloring and synthetic fragrances


It plays a role in strengthening skin, plus may benefit elasticity and hydration. As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles

How to use

Apply amount of cream on skin once daily at night only rub well and repeat when needed.

3)Rhea professional hyaluronic acid serum

Anti-aging & Anti wrinkle serum

Suitable for all skin types

30 mls

It contains:- hydrolyzed marine collagen

Hyaluronic acid


Vitamin b3

How to use :

Apply to face and neck , Massage till complete absorption


Face serum with hyaluronic acid:

Which helps to prevent the formation

Of wrinkles. Enriched with collagen that making the skin visibly smoother fresh and elastic.

Hair serum

What Is Hair Serum & How Does It Help?
Just like skin serums, hair serums are formulated with active ingredients to penetrate deeper in your hair. They are used to control frizz, set hair styles and protect the hair from environmental aggressors. While oils provide nourishment to the scalp, serums work on the surface level. You can consider them as quick fixes or even a replacement to your conditioners.


Benefits Of Hair Serum
Smoothens the hair
Adds shine to hair
Controls frizz
Detangles hair
Repairs hair damage
Protects hair from environmental pollution.


How To Use Hair Serum?
When To Apply:

One of the main benefits of serum is protection against pollution. Serum should be applied on fresh, washed and damp hair. This way it adds a layer of protection on your hair.

How to apply:

Start with the ends of your hair and work your way towards the middle sections of your hair. Do not apply serum to your scalp as it can make your hair look oily and greasy. Infact, we would recommend you to totally forget the roots to avoid any product buildup. Remember, your ends need the most shine, so dab it in!

Pro tip:

Serums are slightly thicker in consistency. So instead of taking it in your palms and quickly rubbing on the hair, let the serum stay in your palms for 5-6 seconds. This helps the serum to liquify, soften up and glide smoothly all over the hair.